“I’m single...would I fit in with activities 
  in the Clayton Newcomers & Neighbors        Club?"

Absolutely! A good number of our members are single. Singles will feel comfortable with every activity and meeting the club offers. With yearly special events such as our Holiday Party and September Welcome Picnic, singles are welcome to bring a guest! 
“We live outside of Clayton’s boundaries  
  and wondered if we could be members in 
  spite of that.”
The Clayton Newcomers & Neighbors Club does allow those who live in neighboring areas to become members. Our door is open to anyone who is a newcomer to the area!
“Once we have been in the Club for awhile, 
  and no longer feel like ”newcomers”...can 
  we still be members?”
There is no “time limit” for how long you can be in the club! If you enjoy the friends you’ve made and the activities we can be a member as long as you like!
“I’m not seeing you have a special 
 interest  group involved with gardening,  
 golf, or writing memoirs. What's the    
 possibility a group interested in one of 
 these activities could be started with the  

The Clayton Newcomers & Neighbors Club is open to having its members start a new group that would enjoy getting together 
and sharing in a common activity. Contact either Judy Dunkerly or Elaine Horne (contact information below) to get word out to everyone to see how many would like to join in on what you’ve suggested.
Interested in becoming 
a member of
We'd love to have you join us and see you make new friends!
   Our yearly membership is $12 per person. As part of these yearly dues, you will receive a monthly email newsletter that details group activity meetings, information about upcoming meetings and special events the Club has on tap. Your dues pay for the current January - December membership year. If you join after March 31st, your dues will be credited for the rest of the membership year.
    You’re welcome to check us out by attending up to two of our monthly meetings, but if you’re already interested in joining, click on this link which will
provide a downloadable membership form to print, complete and mail in with your check.
  After signing up for membership, you will be provided with a “welcome” page providing general “good to know” information about the club as well as ways to contact activity coordinators of the special interest groups.

   For more information about the Club, please contact: 
Judy Dunkerly at (919) 359-0202 
or by email:  
Elaine Horne
at (919) 585-2462 or by email:
– A valuable reference site for newcomers to discover Clayton city government 
information, including phone numbers and locations of services.
– A good site to discover the local attractions, places to shop and eat in Johnston County, where Clayton is – valuable if you are new to the area!
– The Woman’s Club of Clayton is a non-profit philanthropic organization made up of professional women who share a common goal: to work together to improve our local community, socially, physically, culturally and educationally.
– New Neighbor Welcome Service brings a wealth of newcomer tips, gifts, and gift certificates to each new residence during their personal welcome visit.